Saturday, May 03, 2008

Fantasy Giro d'Italia

Il Giro starts on May 10th and so does the Luna Cycles Fantasy Giro d'Italia presented by Chuck L's Mangina Cream. The race format will be simple, yet like many "simple" games, there is a hidden degree of complexity.

So, the deal is this: you pick 3 riders. Those riders receive points based on their finish in the day's stage provided they are in the top 20. There are NO points for GC or any other overall competitions. Fantasy GC will be tallied daily. Prize list is being finalized this week, but the real reward comes from the spirit of competition!

Picks are due in my inbox by 8 am, Saturday, May 10th. Also, don't forget that May 10th is the day of Cycle to Serve, so come get your ride on!
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