Thursday, May 15, 2008

The mad scramble continues

Beaufort, NC (LC Press)- The lead in the GC of the Luna Cycles Fantasy Giro d'Italia has switched yet again. In what is quickly shaping up to be a battle amongst the sprinters on each team, chaos reigns in the overall battle for the maglia rosa. Taking the lead once again, Eddie Winkler is showing a no-holds barred attitude in placing his team firmly at the head of affairs.

A scoring mix-up from two stages ago has been corrected, but even this was not enough to rescue DS Jason Darden from the depths of despair. Despite his team having "good sensations" they were unable to pull off any meaningful placing today and managed to only garner 1 point from Paolo Bettini's 19th place finish.

The team sprinter's have not managed to rack up huge points in the last few stages, so it remains to be seen if the large point margins that the leaders now enjoy will be enough to fend off the charges of those teams that have placed their emphasis on climbers and time trialists. Several of the mid-pack teams may prove to be snakes lying in wait in the tall grasses of the Alps.

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