Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Open letter

Dear lady who honked her horn at me for over a mile,

I wish we could have had more of a discussion about the rights of cyclists on the road in NC. Since you seemed so disinterested in what I had to say ("You just shut up!", seemed to be your favorite thing to say. Except for "You're going to Hell!!" which was easily your most uttered phrase.) Since you didn't want to hear what I had to say, I would like to clear up some things that may have been causing you so much distress.


I understand you were late for your doctor's appointment, but I would like to point out that you wasted a lot of time riding behind me laying on the horn and passed up several opportunities to safely pass by and go about your merry way.

I hope you have pleasant driving experiences in the future and I suggest repeating the following mantra: "Cyclists are friends, not obstacles."


p.s. I apologize for asking you how that $3.90 a gallon gas is treating you, but if you would like to give bike commuting a try I know a great bike shop that can help you get started!
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