Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dyer dances with glory, Bennett drained

Lenoir, NC (LC Press) - Team Low Road scored a subtle victory over Rising Star and Team Cheeseballs, moving himself into 3rd overall. Thursday's stage will be the last before the seriousness sets in, the roads tilt up and the contenders go for broke.

In other news, Team Far North was visited by FADA (Fantasy Anti-Doping Association) representatives at 4 am in their hotel. Blood samples were taken and tested from the team and the hotel rooms were searched. No illicit activity was found. FADA President, Ricardo Cabeza, made a statement to the press stating that FADA had merely conducted a routine, surprise inspection. He emphatically denied the rumor that the inspection was conducted as retaliation for recent press statements made by Team Far North's DS Charles Bennett with regards to scoring discrepancies from Stage 15 of the Luna Cycles Fantasy Giro d'Italia presented by Chuck L's Mangina Cream.

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