Saturday, May 17, 2008

Birthday brouhaha brings bicycling brilliance for Darden!

Lenoir, NC (LC Press)- Placing 2 riders in the top 3 and having a third rider finish in the top 20 of the Luna Cycles Fantasy Giro d'Italia presented by Chuck L's Mangina Cream brought much needed smiles and points to GS Spurtschnookers directeur sportif Jason Darden on his birthday. His tally of 175 points on the stage brought him a narrow stage victory over DS Todd Braswell who posted a not quite good enough 170 points on the day.

Having languished in the basement since the start of the race, Darden has pulled himself back in with a shout and now lies in 6th place overall. The whole standings have taken a dramatic change-up and DS Ron Swenson's formerly staggering lead has now been whittled down to a tenuous margin. DS Todd Braswell's 2nd place performance today was enough to move him into 2nd place overall with a gap of just 48 points to the maglia rosa.

In further news, DS Jeff Welch's gambit of stacking his team with young up and comers has not fared well and he has now fallen back to the lanterne rouge position. Could the broom wagon be looming large for this team?

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