Thursday, May 08, 2008

Homage to il pirata

Nobody rocks the pink jersey like an Italian and the one who stood out above the rest was Marco Pantani. The classic combination of Bianchi's trademark Celeste (a color that seems to go with every other color you put it with) and the fabled pink hues of the maglia rosa just ooze an italian sense of style that no other riders seem to be able to touch.

Let Marco remind you to get your Giro team picks to me by Saturday at 8am. Imagine him in that inimitable style: hands in the drops, standing up on the pedals in some insane gear and flying up improbably steep climbs, and now think of him chasing you down, screaming at you to get your team together!

Also, remember that Cycle to Serve is this Saturday at 8am. There will be a 40 and 60 mile route, so there's a little bit of pain to go with any rider's needs! And don't forget: top 5 finishers in each ride get a homemade cake. CAKE! And everybody gets to partake in a huge potluck lunch that is the best post-ride meal I've ever encountered. Beats the hell out of those off-brand sandwich cookies at the top of Grandfather Mtn. at the end of Bridge to Bridge!

Come out and ride the beautiful roads that we get to train on all the time!
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