Tuesday, August 29, 2006

"It" is never it...

Jeff was lasciviously fondling his new BMC SLC01 when I walked into the shop yesterday. He has to break off the build at the onset due to the shop being so busy, so it was only in the early stages of the process. When Shelly came in, he couldn't wait to show off the bike. This prompted Shelly to ask, "so is this 'it'?" I've got to say as I think about the current stable of 6 bikes that I now have, that no bike is ever "it". I don't know about you, but I LOVE bikes, the more the better. I have built myself dozens of bikes and I have built hundreds more in my head when I was bored or had some free time. I don't know that I would ever find one bike to be the one, but I won't mind making a never ending search to find it either!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

How long 'til 'cross season?

Went on the Sunday group ride today. I was all set to do the Saturday ride, but 8am found me still in bed after an early morning diaper changing session. Got to ride the fixed gear out to Collettsville and back. Just me and Rico Suave. If you ever want a good steady riding partner who won't try to put you in the hurt locker just for being there, then Rico is your man. I learned about his family (he is from a family of 12 siblings, but his uncle had at least THIRTY EIGHT kids who showed up at his funeral) and the riding in his native Costa Rica, plus I learned about the Tour of Costa Rica. ($5 off any item in Luna Cycles to the first person other than Rico who can tell me the name of the only American to win the Costa Rica Tour). The few rollers out to Collettsville and back are pretty doable on the fixie; might could use a little taller gear, but we'll have to see. I realized today that there is about two months before the first 'cross race of the season. I guess training should probably begin soon. I can already feel my butt getting sore from sittin' and gittin' on the fixie. Tomorrow, hell, I hope I'm not walking funny... For those of you who care: there's about 20 days left until B2B...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

End of summer

I've been back working in my classroom all week, so I know the end of summer is nigh. Jeff got back from the beach, his arms are brown from being on a surfboard and they're all pumped up from doing margarita curls. Now that the depressing heat has broken it seems like everybody and their brother wants a bike to ride on the greenway. That sucker must be packed. I can't imagine it being very safe for anyone involved...
One thing that is new has been that more and more people have expressed the idea that they wanted to buy a bike from us because they wanted to "buy local". This is not a sentiment that I am used to hearing here, but it is definitely a good step for local businesses. We should all strive to buy locally when we can. It is amazing that when you frequent locally owned business, you develop relationships that you don't experience with big chain stores. Those relationships definitely pay off when you have a problem and you need some one to go the extra mile for you. As the economy in Caldwell County stutters and starts, we need to be aware of our part in maintaining the momentum that it has now. Buy local. It's good for all of us.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Bridge to Bridge rumors...

Contrary to popular hopefulness, we do not have access to any B2B numbers. At all. Period. (No wait, we do have a few, but they are starting at $1,000 each. We accept cash and cash. Your number can be picked up from under the coke can at the top of Eagle Heights once the cash drop has been made.) If you really want to try and get a number, or you have hit your head bringing you back to your senses and wish to unload a number, I have set up a special section of our forum for just such exchanges. The link is right there to the right, where it says "luna cycles forum", duh... Please, please, please: while we are trying to be a friendly and helpful bike shop, please don't call us looking to get or get rid of numbers. Stick to the forum and keep the fun amongst yourselves!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

How much is too much?

Well, it seems like the oil companies are doing everything they can to not cross over the magic $3.00 a gallon threshold. Remember a few months ago when the gas prices got that high? It seems like that is the price that really makes us stop and readjust our lives to actually CONSERVE gasoline. That was the price that actually caused people to alter the way they use their cars. Not that I'm an advocate for ditching the whole thing, buying a tricycle and going stuffed animal collecting, but I also don't want to earn money to feed my car's gasoline habit, either. I have found that bike commuting to work makes me a little less edgy and a little more alert. Now before you say, "that's easy for the bike shop mechanic to ride to work, but I have a REAL job that requires me to wear clothes not suitable for being covered in grease!", let me just remind you that my summer of freedom is coming to a crashing halt this weekend and I have to revert to middle school science teacher mode on monday. Some people talk about the crucible of fire they underwent in combat, but I have to face 80+ 14 year olds and actually teach them science. So, my little morning cruise to school helps me maintain a semblance of sanity (believe it or not). The real beauty is that it makes the kids think I'm even weirder... Anyway, try riding to work just once a month and see if it takes. If you live less than 3 miles from your work, then the trip will actually take you less time than by car. If you live within 5 miles of work (like 75% of all americans), then it will take you about the same amount of time. Now remember, that is door to door time, not just travel time. And before anyone thinks this is a conspiracy to sell more bikes, have you seen the beaters I commute on? One of them I actually saved from a dumpster! Any bike will work, but the main criteria is that you have to not care if it gets dirty or rained on, so the older and uglier the better! Just get out and ride for something other than recreation or "training" and see what you think!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Are you ready to R-U-M-B-L-E ?!?!?!?

'Cross season is coming and the Lenoir 'cross contingent is forming! Or should I say the Luna Cycles 'Cross Lunatics? Anyway, Ron became the first kid on his block to get a 2007 Redline Conquest 'Cross bike. As usual, the catalog and internet do not do this paint job justice. I hope these pics help convey the unique paint scheme of this bike. Another one of these fine machines is on the way for Double Down and the spooky matte black Conquest Pro will be appearing soon under yet another fledgling 'crosser! Don't forget: 'cross practice begins the weekend following B2B!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Itchin' to ride

Well, fatherhood and cycling are not getting along well at the moment. I managed to build up my first road bike (1985 Trek 760) into a fixed gear. Commuting around on it is making my legs sore, so I gotta take heart in the fact that maybe I'm training. Good thing a 'cross race is only 45 minutes long. At least I am back in the shop after a too long hiatus. Breathing grease and giving Dave Brown a ration of daily crap does wonders for the stress level.