Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Two in a row

Directeur Sportif Quint Ervin now sits atop the Luna Cycles Big Deal Fantasy Tour de France presented by Uncle Chuck's New School Pregreaser for the second day in a row. Fueled by a heady mixture of hubris, sweet tea, and unknown chinese chicken feed supplements, the SRAM Red 2012 p/b Bojangles team looks to be in for a few days of control of this fantasy stage race. With the top 5 separated by less than 100 points though, there is still a lot of race left.

I'm in France now. It is pretty much like Belgium at this point, except instead of drinking a lot (and I mean A LOT) of Belgian beer while I file my daily report, I'm downing bottles of red wine. I plan on crashing one of the Eurosport get togethers to see how the big dogs play and to quaff as much free champagne I came guzzle before anyone notices I'm not British- or English. I am Scot-Irish though, so that may play in my favor. We'll see. One thing I'm not going to do is try to hang out with Bob Roll or any of the other NBC or VS. or whatever the hell they call their network this week guys. They are total prima donnas.

So Peter Sagan pretty much made everybody look pretty silly today. Alejandro Valverde brain farted his way through a turn at Mach 10 that Sylvain Chavenal nearly overcooked all by himself in his mad dash to try to grab the yellow jersey from Cancellara. Some Cat V got into the finishing bunch and caused a nice crash. Bradley Wiggins satisfied the urge to see if gravity was still operational and Edvald Boassen Hagen went straight while everybody else turned right to go toward the finish line. Damn, that nearly sounded professional. This wine is not good for my journalistic ability.
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