Saturday, July 14, 2012

Now you've done it

Greipel vs. Sagan is becoming an interesting rivalry at this year's Tour. The Gorilla one upped the Tourminator in a close squeaker after a bunch of French guys threw themselves on the pyre of martyrdom that always accompanies a Bastille Day stage. Sagan sits pretty comfortably in the maillot vert following yesterday's bit of argey-bargey with Matt Goss. Greipel had to have an intervention from his directeur sportif following a threatening text message he sent to a Vaconsoleil sprinter who had the temerity to enter the Lotto sprint train without paying for a ticket. The message, "Don't ever get in my train again, you amateur" was emphasized with an attempt by Greipel to ride the Vaconsoleil rider off the road in an intermediate spring. If you are willing to go toe to toe with Greipel, you had better be a card carrying badass.

Some shifts in the top 5 of the Luna Cycles Big Deal Fantasy Tour de France presented by Uncle Chuck's Pregreaser. With Courtney Morse and Team Supersonic Pelotonic falling to 6th place, yours truly with Team Mas Fuerte leapfrogs Jim "Legs" Lehman into 5th place. Drunken Grant Dunstan now sits vulnerably in 4th, a tiny lead on the bare chested warriors of Mas Fuerte all the fragile protection he can muster. His one edge is the inclusion of Bradley Wiggins on his team, but another good day by Greipel and Mas Fuerte may find itself knocking on the door of the podium.
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