Friday, July 20, 2012


I'm finally home. No more jet setting, hobnobbing with bike racers, partying with young, really attractive European girls in awe of hanging out with an esteemed man of letters and learned cycling journalist such as myself. No, I'm back for some quiet time with my family. Time to recharge and replenish my mental faculties before heading out on the next great Fantasy Cycling journalism endeavor.

As much as I miss the jet-setty, hobnob-by, party times filled with decadent food, sumptuous accommodations, and generously free flowing libations, I missed being a husband and father. The young, beautiful, flirtatious European women will always be there, but my family is here.

Surprisingly, Mark Cavendish won today's stage with a zig zaggy sprint that appeared as if the portion of video in which he was in was being played at twice the speed of the bits that every other rider occupied. Quite amazing, but then the reports that his girlfriend, Peta Todd (go ahead, Google some images of her. I dare you. NSFW. You've been warned) was trying to get an autograph from Peter Sagan must have spurred him a bit. And that lead out from Wiggins, you'd be better off drafting a pole as skinny as that guy is.

Barring any great surprises, our Luna Cycles Big Deal Fantasy Tour de France presented by Uncle Chuck's New School Pregreaser, is pretty well wrapped up. Now for the mad scramble to find some cheap token to present our grand winner with in some hastily organized ceremony that is long on pomp but short on circumstance.
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