Thursday, March 01, 2007

limp wristed


Good ol' George Hincapie managed to break his radius in the TofC and will now sit out the classics. I'd say that pretty much seals it for George ever winning Paris-Roubaix. Sure Gilbert Duclos-Lasalle won Roubaix in '92 at the age of 38 (with front suspension no less!), but George can't have much left in him for the one day races given his late career switch to a climbing/tt/grand tour rider.

Big happy birthday to Tyler Hamilton. His Tinkoff team is doing pretty well for a bunch of inexperienced Russian young guns. It should be an interesting Giro with that crew in the mix. I'm ready for some real racing to start. These "training" races are great for the pros, but they lack a certain amount of "fire in the belly" for the riders. I like watching the races that really inflame the passion of the riders and makes them do superhuman efforts in order to win. The classics are coming soon!

I am up writing at the butt crack of dawn trying to wake up before I paint the bathroom ceiling. Today I'm laying the floor tile with my Dad since I have two days off this week. After that, it is just finishing touches and then I can put this project to bed. I never got in over my head while remodeling the bathroom, but it seemed like every time I went to work on something, I uncovered some half-assed, jackleg engineering job that needed to be torn out and corrected. I hope that I have finally chased all that down...
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