Tuesday, February 27, 2007

it's the mental scars that get you

Sometimes your friends say things that flatten a wrinkle in your brain and stay with you for a while. Yesterday, Shelli was at the shop waiting for Cecilio. They were going to run up Hibriten Mtn. Shelli made the comment, "I remember running up Hibriten trying to keep up with Shawn". Ouch. I remember that as well. I remember having some semblance of fitness in the pre-baby days. So, then I get home and the new Golite catalog is sitting on the table full of all the latest adventure racing gear, mocking me and my shortcomings. Naturally, when I drifted off to sleep, I dreamt of adventure racing pretty much the whole night.

Now mind you, I've picked on the odd multi-sport athlete here and there (that's a mea culpa of sorts), but I have to admit that adventure racing has been one of the hardest and most enjoyable things I've done in my life. Never have the words "It's like fun, but different..." rung truer. I think I'm starting to awaken from some sort of daze and starting to feel the pull of activity and training. Scheduling seems to be the sticking point, but I think it can be worked out.

The weather today was such a sneak peek at spring, it wasn't even funny. Stopped by the shop and it was going gangbusters. A little warmth, a little sunshine and everybody is ready to get out and do something, anything active! I know the feeling. I took my students outside at the end of today trying to drive away the clenched feeling I had from being inside all day. It worked for me and them. Just one more day and then we can all enjoy a 4 day weekend from school!
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