Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sometimes you're the squirrel...

I think I have been the nut lately. There is a palpable apprehension that teachers begin to feel at the onset of spring. 8th graders are a more accurate predictor of spring than groundhogs could ever hope to be. When the weather begins to turn warm, students just lose it. With this bit of knowledge, it is my dubious honor to confirm that Spring has indeed sprung...with a vengeance. I have been yelled at by students several times in the past two days and I gotta say I'm ready for a break. Thankfully, it's a work day tomorrow! I find more and more I teach less and less, instead I deal with some seriously stupid crap and deal with ever increasing disrespectful attitudes. What happened to the naturally curious nature of childhood?

Alright, lots on tap this week. Milan-San Remo is this weekend. It is gonna be a crap shoot for sure. All the sprinters are looking to flex their might and power in for the win, but you can never rule out the possibility of someone sticking that traditional attack on the Poggio. Claudio "il diablo" Chiapucci was the last to make it work in '95, I think. Think of it this way: you know how on your local group ride, there is a place that looks like it should be the perfect launch pad to take that final city limit sprint, but it is just a little too far or the run-in is just a little too much of a descent? Then you can imagine the Poggio. You've gotta watch Boonen and Petacchi. Don't forget Pelizotti, Di Luca or "the cricket". And then their is a whole host of guys who have been taking races this season that you've probably never heard of. Then again, MSR is gonna be the first "real" race of the season. Find some coverage and stay tuned.

Next Saturday, the 31st, there will be a trail work day for the Aquatic Center trails. This is the beginning of a major effort to provide a viable mtn. bike trail network in town! Work starts at 9 am at the Aquatic Center. Come dressed for working outside (duh), bring food (water will be provided). The more support we can show at this event, the more open that the parks and rec dept. and the city will be for future endeavors in the cycling vein (like a BMX track for kids...). Please, please, please come out and support this effort!

In other entertainment news: see Blood Diamond. Powerful and depressing, but truly well written and acted! No word from any of our foreign correspondents, but I'll keep you posted.
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