Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Reality check

I went and had myself a stupid, slow speed crash on the group ride tonight. Crossed wheels and I'm slowly falling over; aiming for a nice soft patch of grass. I got a bee in my helmet, shook my head and then you know the rest. Nothing damaged to speak of except I feel like a total fred and I bent the d'ler hanger and scratched up my right Record lever. Oh well...

At school today, we had an amazing guest speaker who came to talk about tobacco. Gruen von Behrens is a nationally known speaker about the evils of tobacco. It was really powerful to see a man ravaged by maxilo-facial cancer and I think it had a profound impact on the students. There were definitely some tears flowing in the audience. He was HIGHLY effective!

If you aren't getting excited for the spring classics, you need to get your head examined. I've just got to figure out where I'm gonna what the damn things. Might have to get cable... or, I could check out the new entertainment center my folks got! That's the ticket. (By the way, if anyone is looking for a Dolby Surround sound system or a DVR, I've got a deal for you! Drop me a line and I'll put you in touch with the necessary parties.) But back to the excitement. Here is the schedule:
April 8th Ronde van Vlaanderen
April 11th Gent - Wevelgem
April 15th Paris - Roubaix
April 21st Liège - Bastogne - Liège
April 22nd Amstel Gold Race
April 25th La Flèche Wallonne
Imagine staring down the barrel of that on your race schedule! I don't know about you, but that would be a pretty intense two weeks for me. Don't forget to check out the sponsor of the red headed step child of the pro peloton to get the odds for winners. I want to see Van Petegem get one more win before he hangs up the cleats...

Please, please, please plan to come help out for Trail Day this saturday at the Aquatic Center, 10 am. And if you are looking for Cycle to Serve info, I linked it over on the sidebar under "Riding in NC".

No word from Kevin or Chuck, but Dangerous Dave Brown will be returning stateside shortly!

This how you look after a 14 hr day and five different airfields. I didn't even make it back to my room before I fell asleep in the chair at our OPS (operations) tent. One of our pilots took this before we went to the chowhall. The only thing missing is the drool pool on the uniform!!
Five days and a wakeup before coming home!!

Take care everybody,

I know what Dave thinks about his military service, but that is for him to share. I think that Afghanistan is our forgotten war. Iraq was something that we had no business doing. It was ill conceived, poorly planned, and wrong. Afghanistan is a different story though. The Taliban really were in control of that country. We dealt with them on diplomatic terms for years and viewed them as the legitimate government of the country. Now, we hear next to nothing about what is happening there and we have done little to help the country find its feet and join the rest of the world. Okay, okay enough soapbox... Let's all wish Dave, and all of his fellow soldiers, a speedy and safe return!
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