Saturday, March 17, 2007

Safety break

Last night was the first quarter Luna Cycles corporate meeting held at our palatial club known as Sledgehammer Charlie's. In keeping with the serious nature of this meeting, we managed to move from the bar to a booth before the first beer had been finished. Many important decisions were made and many stringent policies were written for the coming year. And then, Jeff and I stumbled home...

This morning, Jeff and I headed to the fairgrounds for the 1st Annual Lenoir Safety Fair. We went to help SafeKids fit the helmets they were giving away. We managed to give away all 50 helmets in less than 1 hour! The best part was being able to have my picture taken with various people dressed like animals.
Here's me with Konrad Krawdad:

When I asked Konrad if I could have my picture taken with him, he just shrugged. Lack of enthusiasm is going to kill the whole people in animal suits industry, if you ask me.

Here's me with Buckle Bear:

Buckle Bear was a bit of a sad case. At one point we heard this muffled,"I can't see anything. Where'd the lady go?" Seems the eye holes had fogged up on ol' Buckle Bear and he couldn't see anything. Later, I saw him walking around being led by a handler.

I didn't get my picture taken with the State Farm Bear. That guy has just gotten out of hand since he became a corporate shill. I just gotta keep it real like that...

Our man, Kevin Wilson, has arrived safely in Australia and sends in this report:
holy crap! there's former Kelme pros here and some current belgian pros. todays crit averaged in the mid 30's. the airline lost my bike so i just watched; glad i wasn't getting shelled. i've got it now so it's all good. i couldn't fit both of them in the box and the airline wouldn't allow the weight anyway so i'm rentin a carbon felt from a local shop. i had to bribe him with a luna shirt so there's one of those on his wall now. anyway, wish me luck. or, better yet, wish all the pro guys get sick and i can just race that old guy with the downtube shifters.


Luna Cycles World Domination has begun!

Here's a fresh pic from Afghanistan:

In case your wonderin', that is a forklift load of cyanide being loaded onto a C-130. We have been racking our brains (granted, not a long process) and we can't really come up with any non-nefarious uses for cyanide that the army might have. Jeff remarked that if we had found Hussein with that much cyanide, it could have justified the Iraq invasion for most people. But, we didn't...
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