Saturday, March 31, 2007



It was a good day of trail maintenance out at the Aquatic Center. I owe everybody an apology. Seems I laid the guilt trip on a bit heavy, since several people apologized in advance to me for not being able to make it. Well, the good news is that the plan is to have a trail day once a month, so this gives everyone multiple opportunities to volunteer your time. The cool thing about it is that you get to learn a lot about how a trail should be layed out and how to repair damage caused by poor design. We even cut about 1000 ft of new trail, built a bridge and repaired several drainage issues to boot! I'll keep you informed on future days. Maybe one day we'll rate a visit from Woodsy the Owl...

Kevin made it back from Oz in one, jetlagged piece. He's plotting his return to the land down under as we speak and has put himself on a strict timeline for making it happen. Seems going out of the country made him realize just how rude and self-involved Americans tend to be. I realized that the other day when a parent tried to beat me through a T-intersection by running a stop sign and almost hitting me on my first day back to bike commuting. I caught up with her at the school and expressed my displeasure. She said,"I thought I had stopped." I replied,"What part of accelerating through the stop sign led you to that conclusion?" I actually have seen people in my neighborhood drive their kids 2 blocks to the neighborhood elementary school! I think Owen is going to have a low opinion of his heartless parents making him walk or ride a bike to school.

I don't know about you, but these little Belgian training races are no satisfaction in lieu of the major classics headed our way in the next two weeks. Boonen won his fourth E3-Prijs Vlandaaren today. See, just doesn't have the ring of "the Hell of the North" now does it? Oh well. I'll leave you with this thought that I saw on another blog:
Kids like to piss their names into the snow. Tom Boonen can piss his name into concrete.
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