Sunday, December 03, 2006

Like fun, but different.

I got home from today's suckfest in Burlington and had to go to the grocery store. I went by myself, since Owen was close to what we have come to recognize as "crabby time". I had a list, thanks to Golden, so I wandered the aisles matching the words on the list to items on the shelves. I went and waited at the deli to get some sandwich meat. I sorta layed out on the grocery cart and waited for some dude to get like 50 lbs of bologna. The lady called me next. She knows what I want and always asks "1/2 lb. of turkey or are you going to try something different?" I nodded and sort of formed the word "yes" as by this time I was really, really, really starting to feel all 4 laps of fun. She handed me the package and said, "Now you can go home and take a nap." This leads me to ponder: how bad do you have to look for a grocery store employee to notice how worked over you are?

The down and dirty of today's races are as follows:

Jeff managed to drop his chain after the barriers on the second lap, losing 6 places in the process. This prompted Ed D. to decide that would be a dandy time to drill it. Jeff chased like a cornered animal and finished 3rd to Ed's 2nd. The 35+ overall series is not a mathematical impossibility given the double points on tap next weekend, but Jeff has to drill it and not look back. Now, I don't want to repeat gossip, so listen very closely the first time: Is Ed D. a robot sent from the future to make the master's suffer in the NC 'cross series? You be the judge:
Give a real close once over to Ed at next week's race and let me know what you think.

Shelli Welch finished on the podium, again. She is like a broken record with this 3rd place thing, but mark my words: next weekend should see a confident and charming young lady ready to turn herself inside out and ask for seconds if needed! Just 2 more steps Shelli!

Jack Brown and I had just a fun, fun, fun little race, I tell you what. I got a good start, drilled it in the lead group of 5 or so for the first lap. Saw a guy try to remove a lot of his own skin the first time through the barriers. Hit a pedal and had my rear wheel swing around and say "Howdy!" Then on the finish straight (read "grassy bog of suckiness") I managed to lose contact. Jack came by me looking very strong so I didn't feel so bad. I tried to settle in to place conservation mode for a little bit. Now Burlington is a super-duper twisty course with more turns than a corkscrew, making it very difficult to pass. Ironically enough though, it seemed really easy to get passed... a lot. Jack managed 12th and I fought for shreds of dignity for 18th.

Howard Hesterberg, while not having an on day, perked right up when I yelled, "One more lap until you can have a beer!" He got it done to preserve his 3rd in the 55+ overall. Thanks for the chex mix, Howard. I think I would have had real issues driving home without it!

Pictures from the race and a full customer appreciation throwdown report in the next few days, plus a big surprise Luna Cycles product test is coming this week! Check back often and don't be afraid to email!
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