Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Saturday, it gets real...

This Saturday marks the start of the 6th Annual Luna Cycles Big Deal Fantasy Tour de France brought to you by Uncle Chuck's New School Pregreaser, a better way to clean your chain. You may or may not be familiar with the real event our world famous Fantasy race is based on, the Tour de France, but that makes no nevermind, you still have time to register your team of fantasy cyclists over at and use our mini league code: 24021849 to join the record 11 teams that have already joined.

As usual, pretenders to the crown have already begun talking smack about their unbeatable team and how they are going to win it all. Judging from some of the team rosters I'm seeing entered, a lot of these guys are really "just happy to be here" and are going to be gaining some valuable experience from the Fantasy Cycling school of hard knocks.

While I have entered a team, I remain your objective professional commentator and will refrain from saying things like, "Mike Pritchard is destined for another race to the bottom given the riders he has chosen for his team." Preferring the more journalistic stance of, "Fantasy Directeur Sportif Jeff Welch has shown a lot of heart with the somewhat unorthodox riders he has selected for his team and their performance over the coming weeks will be entertaining to say the least." See that? Professionalism. You can count on that type of journalistic integrity over the coming weeks, even as my team walks away with this Fantasy Tour de France yet again.
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