Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Luna Cycles Big Deal Fantasy Tour de France powered by Uncle Chuck's New School Pregreaser is live!

Yep, you heard right - we're back for another year of hot, heavy Fantasy Tour de France action here at Luna Cycles HQ. We've spared no expense to take advantage of the many resources of the world wide interwebs to bring you this FREE opportunity to showcase your lounge chair Directeur Sportif skills (filterless cigarettes not included). Head over to to register your 9 man team of heavy hitters (or flouncy wannabe's) and then join the Luna Cycles Big Deal Fantasy Tour de France mini league by entering 24021849 for the mini league code.

This year we promise to bring you right into the thick of things as we have always done with each year's Fantasy Tour de France. All the fantasy intrigue, all the fantasy scandal, and all the fantasy action will be right here in pure, virtual technicolor detail!

Now, as we draw close to the fantasy TdF, people have sought out our expert opinion on the current troubles affecting a certain Lancelot Q. Armstrong, 7 time winner of the Tour de France (for now). At this point, we must express a certain weariness to this whole affair. While we abhor cheating and performance enhancing drug use, we must admit that at the highest levels of our sport the lines are thin, fuzzy, and very grey on what is and is not legal and given the chance to reach the top of our sport, win fame and fortune doing something that we love, who knows what ethical knots we might find ourselves tied up in.

Let's look on the bright side of this though: somewhere in an anonymous french office park, in an anonymous cubicle, is a guy chain smoking Galoises and regaling everyone within confined ear shot of how he finished 32nd in the 2003 Tour de France and how everybody ahead of him was doped to the gills. Well sir, if USADA get their way, that pudgy, button down frenchman will be getting a call to come accept his yellow jersey as the winner of the 2003 Tour de France. That'll show the bastards in Accounting...

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