Friday, June 29, 2012


I have safely arrived in my modest hotel accommodations here in Paris. Our decision to have "on the ground" coverage of the Luna Cycles Big Deal Fantasy Tour de France presented by Uncle Chuck's New School Pregreaser, "Nobody does it slicker!", was not lightly entered into by our accounting department. But I gave them every assurance to keep things on a shoe string, and I think the photo of my hotel room serves silent testament to the simplicity I am willing to bear in our quest to bring you the best damn fantasy cycling coverage possible.

I will be moving to a small cafe to await the announcement by Heinz Verbatim of the International Fantasy Cycling Union on their disposition of the scandals involving Team Luna Cycles and Team SRAM Red 2012 p/b Bojangle's. I only hope that my meager per diem can cover the cost of a few brioches and a latte...
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