Monday, July 09, 2007

You're right, I'm wrong

The tour has begun and right off the bat, I'm 0 for 3 in the predictions dept. Dave Z did not take the yellow in the prologue. Oh, well. We'll have to wait until the very end to see the genius inherent in my other two predictions.

Well, the tour is on and you know what is going on as well as I do. The sprinters are ruling the long and boring days of the flat lands. The real players are just trying to keep it upright and avoid serious injury in the crazy crashes that seem to be inevitable at the beginning of the tour these days. As much as I hate to say it, Robbie McEwan's sprint in stage 1 was unbelievable. That guy seems to have an extra cylinder that all the other sprinters are lacking. The sheer ferocity of his dusting brought to mind the viciousness of Sean Kelly back in the day.

We took off yesterday and headed up to Damascus, VA to ride the Virginia Creeper Trail. It was Owen's longest ride at 12 miles long. The trail was a very nice rails-to-trails conversion and was populated by a very high number of obvious non-cyclists, riding unhelmeted and not a properly adjusted seat height to be found! We stayed the night in Abingdon, VA (Owen's first overnight). We slept with Owen between us in the hotel bed and made the startling discovery that he is a little unconscious tornado at night. The smallest member of our family took up an enormous amount of space in the bed and had a big negative impact on the restfulness of his parent's sleep! Today, we went for a hike at Grayson Highlands. We got to see about 20 of the wild ponies that populate the area.

It's good to be back to our nice, freshly painted house! Tomorrow, I start on all the other summer home improvement projects! Does it ever end?
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