Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A new beginning

My summer is now officially over. Unlike the rest of my fellow Caldwell County educators, I start school tomorrow. This is no great sacrifice given the position and school that I will be teaching in. It is a little bit daunting to now have to face Sophomores in high school rather than the middle schoolers I am used to. This is a welcome change and a breath of fresh air. I will readily admit that I was beginning to get a bit toasty if not fully burned out.

Well, le Tour will not go away. Mayo has tested positive for EPO. Wow, dope your way to 16th place in the Tour why don'tcha? Idiot. And now the big implications about Contador and his Puerto links are picking up steam. If Prudhomme thought the Chicken shouldn't have started, what about "the kid" Contador?

To: Shawn
From: Eddie

This Tour just will not die! Check this out, and now there seems to be even
more proof coming out to link Contador to Puerto. I still can't believe that
Valverde is still racing. I mean how hard is it to figure out a code name
like Valve?

I sure love to watch bicycle racing, but I just don't know what is real

Take care and good luck with the job.

Yep, those good ol' cryptic code names. Jorg Jaksche copped to the fact that he was, indeed, "JJ". Good thing he admitted it, 'cause nobody could have figured that out. Now, who could possibly be tied to all those bright, ruby red bags of high test blood marked with the code name "AC"? You better believe that teams of cryptographers from Scotland Yard and the NSA are on the case...

Rejoice in the fact that Team Slipstream has signed David Millar, Christian Vande Velde and David Zabriskie. They have also, rather coyly, announced that they have signed a former winner of Paris-Roubaix. Current favorites from our group ride discussions of who this signee might be are Maggie Backstedt and Stuey O'Grady. Whoever it is, these guys are serious about a wild card selection to the '09 Tour. Hell, with their testing protocols, they might be there next year...
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