Thursday, July 12, 2007

"You wanted to call down the thunder?!!"

Cheap move, cheap move. For shame CSC! Vino' goes down hard and the boys in red and black go to the front and drill it in a show of unethical riding. The only problem is that now CSC has gone and pissed off the most volatile rider in the peloton. Oh, and who has his back? A whole team full of eastern bloc goombahs who are just as unpredictable as their leader.

Another victim on the day was Vino's Astana teammate, Andreas Kloden. Preliminary reports have Klodie suffering a broken coccyx aka the ass bone. This should provide no problems for Klodie. He's german; the culture that brought us nihilism, so riding in pain shouldn't be an issue for Klodie since life is pain.

Tomorrow we should see another no hoper break off frenchmen, a last few kilometers catch by the sprinter's teams and then some super crazy sprint. At least that's my prediction...
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