Thursday, July 19, 2007

Now it's gettin' spooky...

OOOOOOOOOh, Vino's maaaaaaaaad. Was today a prelude for a wreaking of vengeance upon the peloton, Kazakh-style? When Astana went up to the front and drilled it in the crosswinds, they were throttling everybody for a good 20k at 29 mph. Think about their situation for a moment. Astana hasn't had to do any work to defend or chase anything for the past week. With Kloden riding well and a Vino' wild card to throw, they could potentially put the other contenders into a serious spot of bother.

Saturday's tt is the beginning of the weeding out process of the hopeful and the pretenders. I think after Saturday, you'll have no more than ten guys with any legitimate shot. The Chicken has got to have the tt of his life to stay in contention.

Then after Saturday, Sunday's Pyreneean jaunt will whittle down our little bunch of hopefuls to a solid group of 5 riders who can even dare discuss the maillot jaune with any confidence. The Pyrenees should prove to be epic.

Luna socks should arrive next week. I'll post some pics, so if you aren't local email me if you would like to purchase some. Waterbottles are in the works also.

We've started the expansion and remodel of the shop, so excuse the disarray when you stop in.

Don't forget the new Saturday ride time is 8am to beat the heat!
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