Monday, July 16, 2007

I'm rested already, let's see some racin'

Sunday has just whet my appetite now. Come on, a rest day in the middle of the alps? Well, I know Vino' and Klodie needed it, so that's a bright spot in this dull shades of gray rest day.

Now tomorrow starts off in some serious no joke territory right from the gun. A note to the Chicken: now that you flew away on the first real mountain stage and then went and ran your mouth about wanting to win the tour, you're probably not gonna be given nearly as much freedom as you got on Sunday! Rasmussen needs to take some more serious time out of the other main contenders. Remember, there is still 100km of time trialing on tap in this race.

As for the in-betweens like Evans and Valverde, they need to show a willingness to go big in a do or die kind of style. The days of conservative racing to make the podium on a step below Lance are long gone my friends. I don't think someone is gonna have this tour by the scruff of the neck until the Pyrenees, at least. Remember that we will have the Tour on at the shop all day, so stop by and play hooky from life for a while.

Due to the incessant rise in temperature, the Saturday group ride will start at 8am instead of 9. Please help spread the word! Luna socks are on the way from DeFeet, we should see them in a week. Next up are waterbottles, new Luna t-shirt designs, and Luna jerseys and shorts (on the horizon, so to speak)!
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