Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Turkey Day Eve

Looks like we will be doing a little pre-turkey throwdown ride at 9am. Nothing like a Thanksgiving day ride to get you ready for the serious amount of eating that the day has in store for you. I think the one thing that cyclist's like almost as much as riding is eating.

When my parents first met Golden, she was still racing professionally and it was smack in the middle of the season. We went to Cuisine of India (or as our finnish roommate would say "cousin of indian"). Golden ate all of her meal, tried some of mine and then sat, vulture-like, watching my parents as they picked through their first indian meal. Finally, Golden said, "Are you going to finish that?" My parents sat wide-eyed as they watched my 5'1", 105 lb. girlfriend polish off the better part of 3 indian dinners. My Dad still says, "Man, that girl could eat!"

Well, tomorrow is that kind of day. Eat a lot, but know that you better earn it and burn it before you end up having to carry it around come springtime.

My little vacation as Mr. Mom is drawing to a close and I've gotta say I'm pretty bummed about it. I wish I could stay home with Owen and work at the bike shop and not have to deal with the stress of teaching. I have to admit though that every day I see something or hear something that I want to incorporate into my class. The only heartbreaking thing about it, is that I will be the only one in the class enthusiastic about it. I just got through watching "An Inconvenient Truth" and it was very good. It is clear, precise and while the numbers certainly veer to the hopeless, it ends on an up note that we can do some very simple things to make a difference. Check it out over in the links bar.
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