Monday, November 06, 2006

Boone GRRRRRL'S race

Hey Shawn...
just to let you know that ended up with some good shots from Boone... of course, if SOMEONE would actually take out a camera and shoot some shots of OUR RACE, we would have MORE photos..

however, definitely captured all of the pain and agony with Jeff, a great shot of Howard and a few of Chuck and Jack. If you want more detail about my race for the Blog... to put it briefly, my inability to dismount led to my losing the lead on the first lap... (which involved rolling around in the caution tape at the top of the stairs (very pretty)... fell back to 4th place then overtook 3rd in the 2nd lap and held that position... however, due to obviously a lack of top-end (and still, the inability to actually clip in or out of my pedals) was unable to close up the 30-40 second odd gap that 2nd had on me. 1st Place finished an embarassing 1 minute ahead. Needless to say my activities for this week involve, Barrier practice, barrier practice, barrier practice! I intend on coming to Pinehurst ready to hurt, ready to hit a barrier if necessary, and ready to either get my mother f_in 1st place or die trying. End of story.

Shelli Welch, ladies and gentleman, telling it like it is. Get ready for PineHURT people!
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