Sunday, November 12, 2006

"...and the agony of defeat."

I remember when ABC's Wide World of Sports was the only game in town when it came to watching Paris-Roubaix and the Tour de France. It always opened with that video montage and that voice over. I don't remember anything about the video for "the thrill of victory", but I have that image of the ski jumper eating it BIG TIME on the ski jump while they said "...and the agony of defeat." The NC State 'Cross Championships made me feel like a kindred spirit with that ski jumper guy.
The results:
Shelli Welch - 4th place Women's CX4- Shelli put in another solid performance today, keeping herself up at the head affairs in the overall series.

Jeff Welch - top ten Master's 35+ - some cracks appeared in the armor today as Jeff couldn't hold Ed D.'s wheel and lost a couple of spots to him. This will knock Jeff out of the series lead, but not out of contention.

Howard Hesterberg - 5th Master's 55+ - seems beer, maturity and a recent leg injury can't hold Howard down. Welcome back to the trenches Howard!

Ken Johnson - 6th Master's 45+ - another solid hurtfest for Ken. When I saw him with one lap to go, I swear his eyes were visibly crossed. Deep pain cave exploration...

Jack Brown - 7th Men's CX4 - Mr. consistency in the 4's, Jack is looking very solid. Watch him in the next four races.

Me - 22nd Men's CX4 - Great starts don't mean jacksh*t when you can't generate any power to the pedals.

Dave Brown - 28th Men's CX4 - Dave didn't let the sand scare him off of a solid ride.

Eric Winebarger - placing unknown - Big E gave it the whole time and still had the strength to cheer me on when we crossed paths on this twisty course. Thanks for the encouragement, Eric.

I'll get some pics and more details from everybody this week. A big THANKS to Howard, Marcus and the rest of the Sandhills Syndicate for putting on such an awesome event as usual! Howard: hope you enjoyed passing me today, 'cause it ain't happenin' again!

Remember 5 days to Hendersonville! If you can't race, come spectate and see some of the best 'crossers in the country since this is a UCI race weekend!
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