Monday, November 27, 2006

Another day, another dollah...

First day back "in the trenches" as Jeff would say. Not much to say about it. No warm greetings from the kids, no "we missed you Mr. Moore". Don't blame 'em, the feeling is sorta mutual... Day in, day out bored, disinterested, 14 year olds staring at you waiting to be entertained and all your giving 'em is education. Oh well, we'll all get back into the groove of things.

I missed Owen like crazy today. Kept looking at the clock thinking its feeding time or time to take him out for a walk downtown. Colleagues asked me how I liked my "maternity" leave. {sigh}

Now the only way to snap out of this funk is to think about the weekends festivities:

Exhibit A - the Luna Cycles 1st annual customer appreciation throwdown is Friday from 6-9ish pm. Bring your A game for this one kids, cause it is on like donkey kong... No excuses will be accepted! Let me know if your coming so we'll have enough food for everybody!

Exhibit B - 'cross returns after a weekend off! Burlington will host the 7th race of the 8 race series. Only 2 chances left to podium!

So, I finally cleared up a misunderstanding between Jeff and I. Mid-way through my race on Sunday at Hendersonville, I hear Jeff shout what sounded to me like "get your head out of your ass!" There is a really funny thing that happens when people are shouting at you during races. When your doing well, they shout really encouraging things like, "your riding perfect""; when you are in it, but not quite there, they shout things like "don't get comfortable!"; and then when your sucking they say "alright, good job" or "keep it up". Our crowd is a bit more - - spirited is the word. From the infamous shout of "rip his f---ing guts out" to "crush him", our cheers are definitely more instructive. So what I thought Jeff had said to me felt pretty much par for the course. Come to find out, what he really said was a bit more banal. "Get your head in the game!", was the true statement shouted at me. Either way, it was sound advice. So come this Sunday, I will keep my head out of some things and decidedly in others. Hopefully, that is the recipe for success.
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