Sunday, November 05, 2006

Boone Town Throwdown Preliminary report

Two words: super-freakin' HARD! A long primarily grass course with rough, fast descents, a staircase run-up, a barrier section that smelled like poo and the neverending wall of doom climb. This was not a course to double up on, so no double category racing today.

The day started with Jeff leading the charge in the Master's 35+ race. The race was hard fought between Jeff, Ed D. and Boone's own Smart Tom. Ed launched a vicious attack that neither Jeff nor Smart Tom could answer. The two remained locked together, but could not reel in Ed D. A crash in a slippery hairpin on the final lap, took Smart Tom off the podium. Ed took the win, Jeff took 2nd. The pair seem to be heading towards a season long duel and only time will tell who will come out on top...

The rest of the races are lost to me in a hazy fog of pain. The men's cx 4 race: Big E and I flew the Sledgehammer flag and Ron came up for his 'cross debut. Start was chaotic with just a bit of the argy-bargy. I moved up hard on the opening pavement section and made a liberal interpretation of what constituted the course to move into 3rd wheel before the race moved back onto the field. Big E did some blocking and my group of 5 got a gap. I felt like I was turning myself inside out, but I stayed in the top 5 for the first lap and a half. The rest of my race memories are: I lost some spots, I passed some people, I had an inordinate amount of snot and drool streaming out of my face, I rode the wall of death all but one lap and I took my first top ten finish of the season by finishing up in tenth place.

Shelly Welch took the hole shot and lead the first lap of the women's cx 4 class. She faded a bit, but came in a solid 3rd place. I'll get more details from her about her race later.

This race definitely had the best 'cross atmosphere with tons of spectators, a DJ and lots of strong Belgian beer. Seems like a Belgian flair is taking the NC 'cross scene. Now we just need some frites, mayonnaise and trombones and we'll be in business!

Next week takes us to the State Championships in Southern Pines. Sure hope you like sand 'cause they got it to spare!
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