Tuesday, November 14, 2006

"Hey, baby! Check me out in the Factory Pilots!"

This is a belated b-day present to Jeff. Happy 43rd! I remember when Factory Pilots were IT. Everybody wore them and believe it or not, they are still one of the best functional eye protectors for cycling. They didn't come off, they fit well and gave a huge field of vision. But they did make you look like a cylon or a bug, depending on your point of view.

Owen and I are training for the World Championships of Sitting Up, to be held right here in Lenoir on Thanksgiving Day. The kid is a natural and I can't overestimate the kids chances of overall victory. Look for a rainbow onesie in the kids future!

Mark this date down in a calendar, carve it in your arm or tattoo it backwards on your forehead: December 1st is the 1st annual Luna Cycles Customer Appreciation Par-tay! We will be serving light food and drinks (as heavy as you like), and we will be giving away prizes during the evening's trivia contest. Festivities are from 6 to 9 pm. Come by the shop for more details. RSVP to the shop if you get the chance, so we can have enough supplies!

PineHURT 'cross pics coming soon!
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