Monday, December 01, 2008

3 races left

I find myself lamenting and looking forward to the end of 'cross season. It is weird because I have more than accomplished all of my preseason goals, so rather than thinking about what should have been and trying to salvage what is left, I'm pretty much satisfied and yet there are still races left to be raced. In order to stoke the furnace for the final push to the end of the season, I have come up with a simple motivational tool. There is a certain bike shop owner of a certain bike shop in Boone with whom I have a very friendly rivalry. We have both had good race seasons, both have upgraded to CX3 and are both pretty evenly matched. Currently in the NC Cyclocross series, I am 2 points behind, let's call him Stan. Now in the Hendersonville races, I finished 2 places behind Stan both days. On day 2 I passed him twice, and came to grief within seconds of each pass. The first time I rolled my tubular, the second time I crashed hard into the plastic barrier at the base of the run up and Stan jumped over me.

The point of all of this. I know, get to the point. Here it is: I propose I friendly wager with "Stan". If "Stan" finishes higher in the NCCX CX3 point standings for the season, I will buy him the beer of his choice. If I beat "Stan", then he will do likewise. What do you think? Fair and friendly? Motivational? If you know "Stan", how about running this modest proposal by him for me. A nonpartisan mediator may be the best approach.
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