Saturday, December 27, 2008

"She steals a piss under the mistletoe"

We are listening to Fiona Richie's "The thistle and the shamrock" celtic music show on NPR and I swear that Fiona just said the above quoted line as a description of a song she is about to play.  Apparently, I am not living up to my scottish heritage as I only kiss under the mistletoe.  Something to work on next holiday season.

Big, fun offroad ride happens tomorrow at Kerr Scott Reservoir (located on HWY 268 outside of Wilkesboro)!  We will meet at the Over Mountain Victory trailhead at 1pm for the first group mountain bike ride of the season.  All skill levels welcome!  If you haven't ridden this trail before, it is a great one to ride for beginners and experienced riders alike.  It is an out and back trail with several natural regrouping points, so please join us for a good, dirty time! 
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