Thursday, December 04, 2008

Sticks and stones, Mr. Brown...

After trying to both spark a friendly rivalry and provide a bit of face-saving anonymity for my adversary, Shaw Brown (owner of Boone Bike and recent voluntary foe in the Brown/Moore Throwdown in Salisbury), Mr. Brown has fired a none too subtle shot across my bow with his taunting remarks about my being a "smelly pirate hooker" and that he will be beating me in my fancy new Luna Cycles kit. 

Well Mr. Brown, you sir have taken things right to the gutter.  I will remain far above the fray and will refrain from making any remarks with regards to your freakish size or what some may regard as a severe crack problem.  No sir, I consider those sorts of things to be off limits and beyond the realm of good taste.  I will let my legs do the talking and can only hope that you will not be so quick to call someone else a smelly pirate hooker in the future.  And as for my shiny, new Luna Cycles kit, we made the back of it very interesting for people who find themselves in the position you will find yourself.

To be continued Sunday, sir!
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