Friday, November 28, 2008

Post Turkey Day throwdown

A group of us met up at the still unbelievably named Hard and Flossie Clark Park in Collettsville to do the Maple Sally-Mortimer-Brown Mtn. Beach-Adako Rd. loop.  The route is about 90% dirt roads and goes through a very undulating series of wooded climbs and descents, dumping you out onto Brown Mtn. Beach Rd. where you rip back on a mostly descending road through Wilsons Creek Gorge.  It is a beautiful mini-epic ride.

It started off downright cold, but after a short bit the weather warmed up a bit and the ride was very comfortable.  At about the midway point, Jeff, Chuck and I stopped and I whipped out my flask of Earl Grey and shared some nice, hot tea and ate my pbj sandwich.  Ah, the civility of social rides!  Next time, I will endeavor to have scones and jam, maybe a bit of ham and cheese...  At the end, Paul Sullivan of Winskins, started talking about a Dec. 24th EPIC ride that he and Sonni Dyer of Studio 7 have dubbed the "Zig Zag loop".  This ride figures to be 80% dirt roads and features several significant climbs.  Not sure of an estimated length, but bringing a couple of meals would probably be in order.  I'll let you know more specifics as I get them so you can come join the fun!

A little something to help you through this 'cross-less weekend:

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