Friday, June 08, 2007

You better believe it...

You better believe I'm ready for summer! Today was the last day of school, o what a relief! A few more days of paper work and packing and then it's full-time bike shop. Very niiiice!

Looks like the Quickstep affair is much political ado about nothing. Two former riders, who as near as I can figure out, sold illegal doping products to each other, are about all that has come of it. Looks like Dedecker (the politico who caused this brouhaha) is just engaging in a little pre-election polemica. Could you imagine living in a country where cycling was a political issue? One can dream...

Jeff has his new BMC SLC01 in the Astana team colors. It looks amazing. Look for that rig on the road soon. I put my new Pace carbon fiber rigid fork on my BMC mtn. bike. I now have sub 22 lb. mtn. bike. Jeff is afraid I'll catch air and float off! We also got a bunch of new Blues in stock and they are all very impressive. Last, but not least, please check out our new site sponsor in the sidebar.

A few riders are off to the Roan Groan tomorrow, Wish them luck if you see them and think about their suffering as you ride tomorrow! A date to keep in mind: let's do a trail maintenance day at the Aquatic Center trails Saturday, July 14th. I'll talk about it more as we get closer to the date and drop me a line if you are interested in helping out. 9am group ride, see you there!
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