Thursday, June 07, 2007

Round 2

Team members of Quickstep have had their houses raided by the police and preliminary reports indicate that doping products were found. The Oil-for-Dope scandal has reemerged and both Danilo DiLuca and Eddy Mazzolenni are under suspicion. Valverde's name keeps coming up in conjunction with Operacion Puerto. Remember, we're still 4 weeks from the TdF, so I think we have a lot more of this in store. The bright side is that maybe a frenchman will have a chance to win now. Keep an eye on the cycling news to see what happens. The bad thing is that now, politicians are starting to use this as an issue for the election season. The timing of these new rides seems to be linked to the Belgian election cycle. Political posturing is the last thing needed in this situation.
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