Sunday, June 03, 2007


We finally got some rain today. Things were starting to get pretty desperate. My lawn (a secret blend of unidentified grass and really hardy weeds) was starting to look a bit piqued. There was a really nice tannish brown strip right down the path I ride to the back of the house. The downside is that now I'll have to mow for the first time in two weeks.

Good ride Saturday. Had about ten playmates join the festivities. Spotted Cecilio heading back in from some secret squirrel training session. Caught the Preacher on the descent of Goat Hill and he joined up for the final mailbox sprint. I appreciated the compliments for having a good day. Alex called it "the return of the OPG (old pasty gangsta)". Regardless, it hurt, just like usual. I always try to spread the words of Greg Lemond to new riders: "It doesn't get easier, you just go faster." That about sums it up.

Well, this week is the final push for school. It could be relatively easy, or it could be a downhill slide disorder and disrespect. Either way, I just have one more week of teaching middle school and then it is off to high school!

How about the Killer? DiLuca pulled out a big win at the Giro, Schleck was a revelation and Mazzolenni clawed his way back on to the podium with the final time trial. It was a riveting Giro, with lots of aggressive riding. Maybe the Tour will regain some passion...
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