Tuesday, June 05, 2007

It's gonna be a long night

There's a thunderstorm rolling in. It isn't a bad thing, we need the rain something fierce. The problem is the thunder and lightning. Jenny, our black lab, goes absolutely batshit psycho during storms. Paces around with those dog nails going "click, click, click" across the hardwood floors, settles down for a few seconds and then jumps up like she's been shot, only to start pacing again. Then there is the constant weird licking and swallowing, over and over and over again... fun.

Played in the faculty vs. students soccer game today. First time I've ever played soccer. At some point, a kid caught me across the bridge of the nose, making bleed a bit. I guess I looked a little intimidating with blood dripping down my face. At least to a middle schooler, that is. Game ended in a tie, 2-2.

Yesterday, I played some 3 on 3 basketball with my students. Towards the end I was really on fire and by on fire, I mean I managed to hit the backboard and even scored a couple of times. A kid asked me what sports I played in school. I said, "Cycling". He said, "I didn't know that was a sport, I mean, isn't it just riding a bike around?" Hey, why don't you bring your bike out for a group ride hotrod and we'll see if there's maybe a bit more to it than "just riding around".

I don't know if you can hear the distant whistling of a large incoming shoe about to land, but the cycling media is sure mum and much new information about the recent doping allegations. It feels like the calm before a storm. I'm a little concerned about Vinokourov. It certainly doesn't look good that he started riding for Telekom in 2000, the same year they sort of swept the Olympics. His name seems to be clean, but there is just so much proximity to prominent examples of doping that some overzealous bureaucrat is bound to start an inquiry. And in this sport, an inquiry can oust you from a Grand Tour in a heartbeat. Vino' is the current odds on favorite at 3.5 to 1 for winning the TdF. He just needs to make it to the line.
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