Monday, June 11, 2007

I was trying to sleep...

The Dauphine won't get interesting for another couple of days yet, so I thought I was in the clear for some non-procycling related quiet time. But then Eddie had to go and inform me that ALL of the names from Operacion Puerto are about to be released in time for the pre-Tour shenanigans that we are bitterly coming to expect. The question becomes: who will even start the damn thing? Frank Vandenbrouke has stated that he wants to make a speedy recovery from his suicide attempt; well, hell Frank, why not win the Tour? That would turn your frown upside-down and make a smile your umbrella! And VDB could have a legitimate shot if all the rumors about who is on the list prove to be true. Or not even true, just remotely plausible enough to cast suspicion and doubt on them and invoke the ethics clause and prevent them from starting the race. Let's not even discuss what might happen if Levi Leipheimer ends up a legitimate favorite... more on that soon.

Today was the Assault on Mt. Mitchell. A century held on monday that costs $80 to enter (after you do the requisite qualifying event the year before) and the thing still sold out in 8 minutes! 8 minutes! Well here's a ride that is cheaper and will leave an even greater lasting impression on both mind and body:

To our friends in the bike business:

The fourth annual Hurt, Pain & Agony Metric Century and Half Metric is coming up Saturday, July 28th, 2007 in Traphill, N.C. Could you please add our event to your ride calendar, post the attached flyer, and recommend our event to your customers?

If you’re not familiar with the Hurt, Pain & Agony ride, here’s what makes it special:

The Challenge: The Hurt, Pain & Agony Metric Century is 66 miles of pure hill! Riders will suffer from the get-go. The ride’s signature climb up the Eastern Continental Divide is six miles long, and it begins at the starting line! Riders will encounter grades as steep as 18% as the route winds through the Blue Ridge highlands of Alleghany County, N.C. and Grayson County, Va.

The Thrill: The Hurt, Pain & Agony ride ends with a rush...a swooping six-mile descent from the edge of the Blue Ridge back into the foothills.

The Cause—the Fight Against Cancer: The Hurt, Pain & Agony Metric Century is more than a bike ride…it’s a way to join the fight against cancer. Rider registration fees will help the American Cancer Society prevent cancer, save lives and diminish suffering through research, education, advocacy and service.

Registration for the ride is just $25 and includes four rest stops, attentive on-the-road support, a 2007 HP&A T-shirt, and the finest post-ride meal you’ll find anywhere…baby back ribs and all the trimmings provided by Sagebrush Steakhouse! Riders can register online for no extra charge at

Find out more about the 2007 HP&A at

Thanks for helping us spread the word!

Matt Daye for the Brushy Mountain Cyclists Club
Promoting Cycling in Northwest North Carolina
An IMBA and League of American Bicyclists affiliate

You've gotta love promo material that really makes a point of playing up the amount of suffering you're going to be paying for the privilege of feeling!

Today was spent doing paperwork at school and the shop. I'm going to start packing up my classroom tomorrow in preparation for moving out of my "home" for the last 5 years. I gave away a ton of stuff today to my colleagues. It was a good purge, a needed divestment of stuff.
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