Sunday, May 20, 2007

Train wreck + circus = Landis hearing

First off, a quick apology for the paucity of posts right now. We are t-minus 6 school days until end-of-grade testing begins, so tensions are running high, time is running short and I am definitely looking forward to the summer!

First off, an open letter to Will Geoghegan:

Mr. Geoghegan,

You sir, are a moron. Why you would drunk dial Greg Lemond on the eve of his testimony was, at best, the stupidest possible thing that you could have done. I, for one, am appalled at your association with Floyd Landis and I have to seriously question Mr. Landis' judgement at having a moron such as yourself as a business manager. Your frat boy cum scary pervert prank call seriously taints the image that Mr. Landis has asked us all to believe in so strongly. While my belief in the innocence of Mr. Landis is not shaken, I feel a deep down icky feeling that anyone associated with Mr. Landis would stoop to such a vile, ultimately pointless, and counter-productive level.

All of this sideshow became more news than it was worth. No one seemed to really notice the new implication that Oscar "the man who would be king" Pereiro has been implicated in the Puerto debacle. RAI, the italian news agency, has published an accusation that Pereiro is "Urko" a name which appears on several blood bags. Pereiro has stated publicly that he will give a DNA sample to prove his innocence, but if asked for a DNA sample, he will quit the sport. Wha? Now, Dick Pound beats his bully pulpit, proclaiming these accusations as spurious nonsense dreamed up by the Italians. Interesting to note, that Pound has put all of his ethical eggs in Pereiro's basket in his tirades against the "deception" of Floyd Landis. Funny to think that the man he has publicly proclaimed as the true winner of the '06 TdF might just be a doper...

Had a beautiful Goldilocks ride yesterday. A nice 50 miler out to Anthony's Creek and back. It wasn't too fast, wasn't too slow, the pace was just right. For those of you not in the "know" or considering joining us for a group ride, here is the lowdown:

Monday: 6pm Beginner/Recovery ride. This is the perfect ride to do if you haven't done a group ride, haven't had much time on the bike this year, or want to spin the legs after a tough weekend of training/racing. No drop rule in effect.

Tuesday/Thursday: 6pm Spirited/Aggressive pace. Okay, we are all big boys and girls. Come join us on this ride, but do not - I repeat DO NOT, get discouraged if you get dropped. The only way to get better, is to ride with people who are better than you! We do set routes and we can tell you exactly where we are going and even give you ideas on shortcuts and regrouping points.

Saturday: 9am Come as you are/Ride how you want pace. This is usually a longer ride, but splits into different groups depending on the length of time each person wants to do. Pace is steady, but can included some "entertaining" moments.

All rides meet at Luna, and we try to be punctual on the ride time. The more people we have coming out, the more likely it is that we can divide into more manageable ability groups and everyone will have a good time!
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