Thursday, May 10, 2007

I am the walrus

Basso is both Birillo and "No. 2". Michelle Scarponi is both Zapatero and el presidente. The big important difference between these two Operacion Puerto secret agents is that Scarponi is going to name names. Add to the list of non-starters at this saturday's opening stage of il Giro: Tyler Hamilton, Jorg Jaksche and Danilo Hondo.

"Oh, the heads, they are a'rollin'..."

Floyd's case with USADA is starting monday, the 14th. Given the apparent predisposition of the panel, don't get your hopes up for this to resolve anything other than clarifying the lengths to which everyone is willing to go to make sure that the anti-doping crusade works, guilt or innocence not withstanding. This is going to go all the way to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, regardless of USADA's decision.

Don't you love how people are praising Basso for his honesty. Sure, he denied any involvement in this mess for the last year, but when they finally had his back against the wall, the blindfold on and the guns locked and loaded, he stepped up and took it like a man. Think about it, Basso had no choice. Cop to this attempted doping and hopefully, nobody gets too nosy about the '06 Giro win that Basso swears up and down was won cleanly.

Gianni "il Diablo" Bugno, secretary of the rider's union, was pretty clear when he said that Basso's confession changes nothing. Team owner's and Team sponsors will still pressure riders to dope and cover up as much as they can. Notice how Bruyneel and Riis are both being pretty adamant about the distant nature of their relationship with Basso. The whole apple is rotten, not just a little part of it...
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