Wednesday, May 09, 2007

benzina, erba o fica; nessun cavalca liberamente!

Basso has come out and admitted to everything. Okay, not everything, but you've got to admit that stepping up and saying that you thought you might think about doping at the '06 Tour is a pretty big admission of guilt. Yeah, right. File this one under the "I'm just trying to hold onto my Giro win" tab in your computer.

Now, let's see. You systematically store your blood in key locations around Europe and, let's not forget, that you have to remove this blood during competitive cycles in order to maximize the amount of red blood cells AND that removing this blood will negatively impact your performance at the time that you remove it. But you were just thinking about doping...

Let's face facts, Basso was willing to cheat at the '06 Tour by his own admission. The only thing that stopped him was the fact that he wasn't allowed to start! Now, we are supposed to believe this half-assed mea culpa. This is pure damage control as Basso is trying to keep from having his '06 Giro title stripped from him. Remember that Simoni described Basso's riding as inhuman, and that guy is no slouch in the ability department.

I think that a lot of heads are going to roll on this investigation. Dick Pound will get the vast conspiracy that he has been dying for. Riders will lose their careers. And absolutely nothing will change. There is too much money involved in this thing for riders to not have outside pressure to dope.

As more Operacion Puerto unfolds, don't forget to keep an eye out for the private kangaroo court that Floyd Landis is currently embroiled in...
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