Monday, May 28, 2007

Mercy killing

Friday night was the 8th grade dance. Yeah. The music was poppy and terrible. Dancing was either non-existent or tending towards inappropriate, depending on the song. At the onset I predicted 5 songs that would be played at some point in the night, not because I'm the Amazing Kreskin or anything, this just happened to be my fifth 8th grade dance. Fifteen minutes after my prediction and smack in the middle of song number 3 from my list, I ambled over to the police officer doing security and sked him what I needed to do to have him shoot me.
"Just ask," was his reply. He then went on to suggest that he taze me, essentially producing the same desired effect (I get to go home), but with less permanent damage (no bullet wound to care for). In a word: tempting. But, I held strong and did not take the easy way out. I manned up and stayed until the dance was done. Okay, almost done.

So now, I am staring down the barrel of 3 consecutive days of standardized test administration. While I'm not suicidal in the traditional sense, I could see the benefits of a good accident right about now. To put it in perspective, if you ever have just one day to live, administer a standardized test 'cause it will feel like an eternity. The good news is that we are now into the single digits for days left in the school year. Oh sweet release for summer!

Took Owen for a greenway cruise with Golden and my parents on Saturday. My parents looked far more comfortable on their bikes than I had anticipated and Owen enjoyed the long ride to the point of unconsciousness! We rode all of the sections that link from Lower Creek, so it was a good 45 minutes of cruising around. We had the place almost completely to ourselves and it was definitely worth the soreness I've felt from it.

Tomorrow marks the final push in the Giro. Simoni better bring the angry 'cause he definitely needs to take back a chunk of time if he has any aspirations to the maglia rosa. Eddy Mazzoleni (Astana) is looking like a big danger man. He throws an interesting twist into the mix. And if he doesn't ultimately take the Giro, he'll just have to console himself thinking about his impending marriage to Ivan Basso's little sister.
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