Thursday, May 24, 2007

Stay tuned...

So all of these former Team Telekom riders from the mid-nineties are coming forward and admitting to doping. Yesterday, Walter Godefroot (former Telekom Directeur Sportif and current Astana DS) shrugged off allegations that it was a team run doping program and said that all of those stepping forward had questionable timing and motive. He added, "'s not like Erik Zabel is saying anything..." Well, blam!, who'd a thunk it, but none other than Mr. Zabel came forward today and admitted to using EPO for a week in 1996, while riding for Telekom. Udo Bolts and Rolf Aldag both admitted to it and even went so far as to say that they did it in order to make the '96 TdF team (the Tour that Bjarne Riis won). I have to say that the Sword of Damocles is hanging over some pretty high heads right about now. This little contagion of mea culpa is sure going to spread like wildfire leading up to the Tour.

Today was a really great day. We got a visit from the Pedro's Love Van. It is always great to get a surprise visit from some segment of the bike industry, but I have got to say, I was really impressed at how kind and helpful Jim was. It was also great to hear someone who sees a LOT of bike shops (330 last year!) say they really like your shop. I was also glad we got our hands on a sample of Chainj, Pedro's new biodegradeable chain lube! We'll be testing that out and letting you know how it works. Thanks, Jim!

Speaking of the environment and corporations trying to make a positive, green impact; check out this article on the founder of Interface, the company that Grom's Mom works for. It is really great to see companies embracing green policies and products as a way to improve profitability. This kind of action really increases the momentum towards a sustainable future. With that being said, please be aware that recycling in Lenoir is not a done deal as of this writing. Please let our City Council members know that this is something that we want and NEED in our town!
Lenoir City Council Members

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Todd Perdue -

To top off everything else today, Owen's bike trailer came in! I put it together, hooked it up and came home to get him and take him for a ride. I have been dreaming about this day since he was a kidney bean in the womb! I think it went over pretty well, there was definite happy noises coming from the trailer and I kept turning around to see a two-toothed grin! This weekend, the Greenway!
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