Friday, May 11, 2007

The rundown

Looks like Floyd is caught in the middle of something much bigger than himself. He announced today that he had been offered a deal if he gave information about Armstrong. More and more it looks like Landis' chances of a fair hearing are slim to none.

The Giro start list is evolving on a daily basis as more and more riders are given the no-go on starting. Tinkoff announced suspensions, Serhiy Gonchar is suspended from T-Mobile for some hinky blood test results from Liege and Romandie, 30+ spanish riders are working out a deal for themselves in the Puerto affair and Basso has gone back to CONI for a third interview. Whew, this is picking up steam right as the Grand Tours start rolling out. All of this on the eve of the Giro...

If you are like me and still have the passion for pro cycling, then check out the Giro fantasy game and try your hand at team management. I'm running team "Mean and Clean", just in case your interested in following the suckiness of my skills...

Tomorrow is Cycle to Serve. I am really looking forward to riding my favorite roads around here with a bunch of other people. It isn't to late to join in as registration is still open. Join us tonight for the pre-ride dinner (courtesy of Sledgehammer Charlie's), live bands on the stage beside the shop and an outdoor showing of American Flyers. The shop will be open until 8pm to help with those last minute needs. See you there, hopefully.
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