Friday, October 27, 2006

Round 2: Cary

Owen aka Edward Sockhands
6 am Sunday is the roll out for the Cary 'cross race, round 2 of the NC Cyclocross series. Looks like a bigger turnout than at Salisbury is in the works. Double down and PS are going to make their debuts this weekend. Double down acquiesced after a few words of "encouragement". True, I had to insult his manhood to a horrendous degree, but in the end he thought this weekend would be a fine time to jump in the ring and see what happens. PS is excited, as always, and is looking to just "do a good ride". As soon as that girl figures it out, watch out! She and Shelli could end up being the terrors of the women's B class.

I don't know if my plan to race the master's and then race the 4's, like, 20 minutes later is a smart one, but I'm sticking to it (for now). It is welldigger's crack cold and raining to boot. The real deal weather forecast is calling for clearing tonight and WIND tomorrow. A-rod says bring your spinnaker to the group ride tomorrow...

Not much to say tonight. Finished another work week. Didn't lose my cool with any adolescents. Not bad. Teacher work day monday, so this weekend will be a little more relaxed. Bummer for the weekend will be the absence of the fam at the race sunday. Owen can't take that long of a trip in the car seat... can't say that I blame him on that one. Boone is next weekend, so he should be back out in his bear suit and ringing his cowbell! One thing that worries me though: he really likes being in the water. He gets really excited and kicks his legs and giggles a lot in the tub. Could I be raising a triathlete?
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