Saturday, October 14, 2006

Johnson City lowdown

Alright, normally going to a race is a logistical problem to be tackled and experience teaches you the smoothest ways to deal with it. A baby really presents a new set of variables and we underestimated their effects. Needless to say, I arrived in Johnson City with about 20 minutes to register, dress, warm up and pre-ride the course! Not to worry though, it was plenty of time. The 4cx race started well enough, I found myself in third place at the start. In fact, I was wondering why everyone was going so slowly! At the end of the first lap I was still in third and I began to hear Bill Murray saying, "he's the Cinderalla boy, with the Cinderella story". And then Scotty started yelling from the engine room that he was giving her all she's got. 8 guys passed me in a big clump - BOOM! I had no power on the little grass climbing section and it showed. I was riding the off-camber really well and wonder upon wonders (after a few really ungraceful and completely unremarkable dismount/remount sections) I actually began going through the barriers better than ever. 5 laps, 14th place (out of about 40)... not bad. Then about 25 minutes later, the masters race. 7 laps of brutality. Again got a good start. Then the 2nd guy rolls his tubular in the corner, 3rd guy (J-Dub) hits him and stops, so that 4th guy (yours truly) can hit him from behind. We sort it out quickly and no harm is done. I fade towards the back of the middle while J-Dub charges off the front. I rode for training and J-Dub won the thing! Pretty sweet. Now I have two really angry grapefruits where my butt cheeks should be, Owen has windburn on his cheeks and Golden is worn out from the sheer effort of the trip. I think it's time for bed...
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