Monday, October 23, 2006

The king is dead. Long live the king!

Old man Welch pulled off the upset that I called for! In an awesome display of power and bike handling skills, Jeff tore the master's field apart and then performed delicate surgery to take apart Ed Dickenson. This marked the first defeat for Dickenson in over a year!
In other racing news: Jack Brown had a sparkling 'cross debut with a 6th place finish in the CX4 category. Shelli Welch beamed with joy as she finished 4th place in the women's CX4 and discovered her new favorite sport. Big E finished his first 'cross race, putting in a huge effort in less than great conditions. And Chris Thomas struck fear into the hearts of the 35+ group as his reputation preceeded him. Between him and Jeff, things could get pretty interesting this season...
I rode the master's race for training and then "showed 'em I was there" by holeshotting the CX4 start, but then faded to a mid-pack 24th place finish.
I'll post pictures when I get 'em. Next stop: CARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Belgian SuperPrestige Pro Cyclocross Race Oct. 8th 2006 1+ hour of coverage!
2006 Cyclocross World Championships (starts at the 19 min. mark of the video) 30+ minutes of coverage!
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