Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The excitement grows

So, Jack and Heart attack Mark came in to the shop today talking about their coming 'cross debut this weekend. Talk of "I'm just hoping to survive" and "I just want to see what its like" flew through the air. Yeah, right. Ever ridden with guys that try to rip your legs off for fun and then smile at you like your all buddies sharing the same joke? They don't know the meaning of taking it easy. So come Sunday, when they belly up to the line, you better believe that it is gonna be on like donkey kong, my friends. KC (sans Sunshine Band) came in and got her bars re-wrapped and picked up her new helmet. She should be there Sunday. Pornstar came in tuesday, showing off some significant bruising from her fight to conquer the "corkscrew" during last weekends 'cross practice. She will be sitting out the Fall series, but look for big things from her this Winter Cup.
The question that is on everyone's mind is: can J-Dub repeat last weekend's performance and pull out a win at the NC 'Cross Series opener? The guy is coming on to form, so you never know what the shredder can do.
Finally, tip a glass to Double-Down as he sits in AZ learning how to drop laser guided triscuits to Afghani locals.
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